With 4screen’s innovative In-Car Search campaign, McDonald’s saw a massive 108% rise in customers making Navigations to their nearby branches. Because McDonald’s consistently ranked at the top of relevant in-car searches, the fast-food chain also enjoyed a week-on-week growth of 24% in clicks, helping to promote their new McSmart Menu in an exclusive space to a responsive, engaged audience.




Search Clicks

1: Campaign duration: 2 months

About McDonald's

As the world's largest multinational fast-food restaurant chain, McDonald's mission is to be the customers' favorite place and way to eat and drink. Their worldwide operations are aligned around a global strategy called the Plan to Win, which centers on an exceptional customer experience – People, Products, Place, Price, and Promotion.


McDonald's wanted to create a marketing strategy that would effectively inform their target audience about their latest McSmart menu. The menu is designed to be convenient for drivers who can easily enjoy it while on the go. As a result, a campaign was designed to target drivers directly through their in-car screens.


McDonald's collaborated with 4screen and initiated a nationwide in-car marketing campaign that effectively reached drivers across Germany. By consistently ranking in a top position of in-car search, McDonald's succeeded in reaching their intended audience and witnessed a significant boost in sales.

Our collaboration with 4screen allowed us to reach our target audience where they are - on the road. The success of the in-car marketing campaign not only exceeded our expectations but also demonstrated the power of innovative marketing strategies.

- Ariane Gramsch, Manager Marketing McDonald’s Deutschland

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