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Make the best of the data you generate

Connected cars generate billions of data points that are not fully leveraged.
Our technology is the bridge between your infotainment system and the endless possibilites of the connected mobility environment.

We enable improved navigation, useful recommendations and value-added services for your drivers.

  • Data monetization.
  • Premium in-car experience.
  • Seamless integration.
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    Expand the potential of your connected car

    Improve the navigation experience

    Make it easier for your drivers to discover points of interest by showing a Branded Pin.

    Let them know when and where to find the nearest gas station, charging station or parking through in-car recommendations.

    Give them a smooth driving experience and turn your navigation system into a window to the world around them.

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    Make your brand stand out

    Explore the potential of value-added services for your drivers by providing exclusive offers.

    Drive them to a new restaurant where they will have reserved parking or drive them to that shopping center that offers them an exclusive charging station offer.

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    Be a leader in a technological revolution

    Drive into the future of connected mobility. A world where restaurants sponsor rides in a robotaxi and self-driving cars can decide where to park looking for the lowest rates.

    Contextual Augmented Reality elements in the windshield can show the location of stores and highlight local points of interest.
    All thanks to the 4screen technology.

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    Why our technology is revolutionary

    Tailored & easy integration into your existing UI

    Integrating our API is done in a heartbeat. It connects your existing infotainment system with the endless possibilities of the connected mobility ecosystem.

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    What makes our service unique

    And why you can no longer drive without it

    Enhanced driving experience

    We deliver real time, dynamic content that is constantly updated in the existing user interface, while enabling you to offer services with added value for drivers.

    Direct leverage of your data points

    We provide you with a platform that ensures direct monetization of the data your cars create.

    Easy API integration

    Our API is integarted into your existing systems so that drivers can have our value-added services in their familiar environment.

    Join the future of connected mobility

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