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4screen is the world’s first technology platform designed to connect, interact, and engage with drivers through live content on the in-car screen.  
Thanks to our location-based solutions, businesses of all sizes - from local shops to global brands - can increase brand visibility and customer engagement by reaching an exclusive target audience.  
Our technology integrates seamlessly into any in-car navigation or infotainment screen and is designed to enhance the overall driving experience, connecting drivers with the environment around them in real-time.

Businesses can show drivers where to find their store locations on the map and promote services and offers, directly on the in-car screen. Global and local brands can engage with new customers on a high reach communication channel that enables location-based and real-time interactions. 4screen putting businesses on the map has become the most cost-efficient OOH (Out of Home) platform in the market.  
Businesses can now launch and manage their advertising campaigns on 4screen's platform, maintaining full control over targeting, budget and performance through intuitive dashboards. 
Our interactive advertising formats are designed to maximize the visibility of the location to increase the in-store traffic with customers on-the-go and gain or retain new ones with exclusive In-Car Offers.  

Connected cars generate billions of data points, which OEMs are unable to fully leverage. This means that every vehicle on the road is a business opportunity that can create added value for automakers and drivers. Car manufacturers and mobility providers can finally use these data points thanks to 4screen, which bridges the communication gap between drivers and their surroundings.  
With our technology, OEMs give businesses access to their in-car screens, enabling them to provide drivers useful contextual information in real-time.  
This way, OEMs create mutual added value for drivers and themselves: a next-level driving experience with improved navigation and relevant recommendations while monetizing their data. 
Finally, the driver's experience is at the real core for us. Our API is seamlessly integrated into the navigation system, in full respect of the existing UI, while our communications follow all privacy and security regulations. 

4screen unlocks the true potential of the connected car. Drivers can easily find and interact with their favorite brands or services and receive customized offers from businesses along the route. Never before have drivers been able to explore the car surroundings and discover relevant content that matches their needs as they do now.  
At 4screen we are obsessed with the driver experience. The solutions we created are designed to supply value-added services to standard navigation systems. The ad formats we offer are destined to improve the user experience with a technology that follows the highest data privacy and road safety requirements.   

4screen can be integrated into the navigation and infotainment systems of any car brand in the world.  
Our Mobility Experience Cloud (MXC) serves as the technical infrastructure and can be integrated by using an API (Application Programming Interface) easily within days.  
Car manufacturers always stay in control of the interface that drivers see. Our software works entirely in the background of navigation systems without affecting their look and feel. 

Driver safety and privacy are our priorities, that’s why 4screen is fully compliant with all existing safety and data protection regulations.  
All communications are designed with driver safety in mind, avoiding any kind of intrusion or disturbance. The featured content only displays upon request, preventing any distractions while driving. Additionally, at certain speeds, the displayed content is blocked or shown in a driver-friendly view that does not disturb the driver or create risk.  
Furthermore, the system is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and local privacy laws and is designed to offer only content that is relevant to the driver.