Through 4screen’s interactive In-Car Offer campaign, APCOA saw a massive 39% conversion rate, as drivers availed of an exclusive promotion, directly through the car screen. 

39% 1

Conversion rate



1: Campaign duration: 3 months


APCOA Parking is one of the largest parking management companies in Europe. Founded in 1935 in Germany, it now operates in 13 countries, providing parking solutions to a variety of clients including cities, airports, shopping centers, and hospitals. The company offers a range of services including on and off-street parking, valet parking, electric vehicle charging, and parking guidance systems. APCOA also operates a number of car parks in Europe and has a strong focus on sustainability, offering services such as electric vehicle charging and promoting alternative forms of transportation such as car-sharing and bike-sharing.


APCOA PARKING is Europe's leading parking management company, offering innovative services for drivers. The company aimed to promote the APCOA FLOW APP and to expand the company’s outreach to new customers by raising awareness about the parking locations in real time.


APCOA reached their goal of connecting with nearby drivers to promote their parking services and solutions through a targeted 4screen In-Car Offer campaign. By delivering their message to on-the-go customers through the car screen, APCOA increased their customer base and significantly boosted downloads of their APCOA FLOW App.

For the first time ever, we can interact with drivers directly on the in-car screen, when and where it matters whilst increasing customer value.

- Tobias Beau, APCOA Germany

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